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GasTran Technology – Process Intensification Delivered

GasTran Units use specially engineered materials to shear an incoming fluid stream into extremely fine droplets.  This process dramatically increases the surface area of the fluid to facilitate proven chemical processes.  GasTran Process Intensification Technology is significantly more efficient than current alternatives because it is continuously shearing and coalescing the liquid exposing surface area to the gas medium.

This diagram of the proprietary rotor design shows how GasTran Technology works for continuous liquid deaeration:

Model HP Rotor

Process Intensification in Action

Process intensification means the highly efficient GasTran System replaces many traditional mass transfer methods such as tray or packed towers, membrane filtration systems, aeration systems, venturis, activated carbon, and chemical treatments while reducing operating costs.

HP Series Specifications

Our HP Series GasTran Units handle flows up to 275 gallons per minute (gpm).   A modular system design allows placement of several GasTran Units in parallel or series to handle larger flow rates and offer redundant capacity.  For more information on our systems and equipment, please visit our application pages or contact us.

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