Deaeration Systems for Boiler Water Treatment

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection is an important part of every boiler water treatment program, and GasTran Systems play an essential role by removing dissolved oxygen to less than 2 parts per billion (ppb) and CO2 to very low levels using steam at less than 2 psi.  These gases, when superheated in the boiler system, begin systematic corrosion of boiler pipes and tanks.  Over even short periods of time, this corrosion will result in major damage and loss of efficiency — costing tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance, higher fuel costs, and unexpected outages.

Excess steam in the boiler system can be fed directly into the rotor of the GasTran System, which can be operated on either a continuous or intermittent feed cycle to the boiler.  The rotor shears the water into a fine mist, allowing intimate contact with the steam and removal of the dissolved gases.   This mechanical deaeration takes place without the need for a chemical oxygen scavenger.  The GasTran Boiler Deaeration System’s small size makes it suitable for use even in already crowded boiler rooms.   Most designs can be transported right into the boiler room using a hand truck.

“The initial cost of a deaerator is a small price to pay for the peace of mind provided in more reliable operation and lower total plant costs.”

— American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

Click here to read the full ABMA report on boiler deaeration

Problems with Other Corrosion Protection Systems

Although chemicals can be an essential part of an overall boiler water treatment plan, relying on chemical oxygen scavengers alone can lead to problems:

  • Build-up of total dissolved solids and deposits in your boiler causing reduced efficiencies
  • Increased blow down frequency leading to higher fuel costs
  • Inconsistent feed and mixing of chemicals by operators resulting in overfeeding and poor performance

Conventional tray deaerators suffer from problems as well:

  • Fouling and wear of trays leading to poor performance
  • Slow start-up and shut-down making it not suitable for intermittent operation
  • Large size

GasTran Boiler Feedwater Deaeration System Features

  • Reduces dissolved oxygen (O2) and CO2 in boiler feedwater to less than 2 parts per billion (ppb)
  • Highly scalable operation with turn-down ratio of 95%
  • Reaches steady state performance in seconds
  • Low operating pressure requirements
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight and small footprint
  • Vacuum configurations available