About GasTran Systems

Rotating Packed Bed Technology

The development of GasTran Technology began in the mid 1980s with Dr. Nelson Gardner , a Chemical Engineering Professor at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).  Dr. Gardner’s early work was based on the research done on rotating packed beds (RPBs) using high-gravity, centrifugal fields to affect mass transfer equipment (e.g. Higee).  Starting from fundamental studies, Dr. Gardner soon developed many innovations in the design of rotating packed beds: specifically in the areas of rotor design, speed, mass transfer rates, packing density, materials, and system balance.

Process Intensification

During a sabbatical at the University of Beijing, Dr. Gardner assisted with the design and installation of several commercial units performing a variety of functions.  The technology was hailed for its ability to finally deliver process intensification in real world applications.  In 1999 with the help of Dr. Gardner, The Dow Chemical Company installed a unit doing simultaneous absorption, reaction, and stripping in the production of hypochlorous acid (HClO).

GasTran Systems’ Formation

After being named Department Chair of the Chemical Engineer Department at CWRU, Dr. Gardner teamed with entrepreneur and fellow Chemical Engineering Professor Dr. Rob Harris to refine the design for even better performance and easier manufacturability.  In 2004, Dr. Harris and Dr. Gardner met current CEO Matthew Brinn and together they formed GasTran Systems in Cleveland, OH.  Initial units were manufactured and sold that first year.  Dr. Gardner and Dr. Harris continue to play key advisory roles in the development of new applications for the technology.

Improved Mass Transfer Equipment

GasTran Systems is one of the first companies to commercialize process intensification for mass transfer equipment on a wide scale basis. With its unique ability to handle solids and viscous fluids while achieving volumetric mass transfer coefficients (KLa and KGa) two to three orders of magnitude higher than conventional technology, patent pending GasTran Technology is making a dramatic impact in multiple industries.