Separation and Recovery in Process Streams

The Modern Chemical Plant

In today’s lean chemical processing environment, maximizing production yields and lowering costs requires efficient means of separation and recovery.   Packed towers and traditional separation equipment often perform inefficiently and become a maintenance nightmare when fluids prone to fouling and/or solids are involved.  Start-up and shut-down of the device leads to huge amount of off-specification product since the packed tower is not designed to effectively handle large changes in volume.  Finally, the packed tower’s huge size poses a looming safety risk.

GasTran Technology — Innovation Made Easy

Building on two decades of experience in chemical processing applications, GasTran Units offer a compact, safe, and maintenance-friendly stripping device for removal and recovery of VOCs, solvents, and alcohols.  The GasTran Unit can also effectively be used as equipment for processing polymers and monomers.  With extremely efficient mass transfer stages and the ability to run at very high gas to liquid ratios, GasTran Technology is shrinking production time, work in process inventory, and most importantly, costs.

Corrosion Resistant Construction

GasTran Systems is the first company to offer affordable chemical processing equipment in Titanium, MonellĀ®, and other metals with high corrosion resistance. Due to the very small size of the GasTran Unit, these traditionally prohibitively expensive materials become suitable for a wider variety of applications.

GasTran Unit Features

  • Stainless Steel construction standard
  • Titanium and alternate materials available
  • Highly scalable operation with turn-down ratio of 95%
  • Reaches steady state equilibrium concentrations in seconds
  • Maintains performance even with viscous fluids & solids
  • Low maintenance, non-fouling design
  • Vacuum configurations available
  • Very low pressure drop