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GasTran Systems' ozone treatment technology offers industrial clients a new solution to managing costly and problematic process streams.  By combining our gas injection technology with the powerful oxidative nature of ozone (O3) gas produced on site, our systems can help customers recover chemicals and recycle process streams that would otherwise be wasted.


GasTran Technology efficiently delivers applied ozone doses from 20 mg/L (ppm) to over a 100 mg/L in a single pass.  Our equipment fits easily into most processes because a compact and flexible design allows installation with a minimum of new piping.  Another unique advantage is the ability of the system to work at variable flow rates.

GasTran Ozone Injector Systems for High Applied Ozone Doses

GasTran Systems are the first commercially available solutions to cost-effectively purify industrial streams with ozone in a single pass.  The key is highly efficient counter-current mass transfer combined with large gas to liquid (G/L) ratios.  Contact us to learn how our engineers and testing capabilities can help you determine if a GasTran Ozonation System will yield a positive ROI for your company.

Traditional Ozone Injectors

Other ozone injector methods such as venturi injectors and fine bubble diffusers suffer from the following problems in industrial applications:

  1. Inability to deliver high doses of ozone in a single pass
  2. Inefficient mass transfer resulting in oversized ozone generators
  3. Poor performance at variable flowrates
  4. High pressures and large holding tanks required
  5. Require additional equipment for ozone off-gassing


GasTran Ozonation System Features

•  Process flows from 2 to 300 gpm

•  Turn-down ratio of 95% - maintains performance at variable flow rates

•  Capable of ozone doses above 100 ppm in a single pass

•  Corrosion-resistant materials of construction

•  Integrated off-gassing of unreacted ozone

•  Quality ozone generators for demanding industrial environments

•  Low operating pressure requirements - typically operates at <12 psi

•  No residence time required - no contact tank necessary

•  Low maintenance design handles viscous fluid and suspended solids

•  Optional industrial filtration products from our partners

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